About Us


Who are we?

Hewlett Bunn Incorporated consists of an experienced team of construction attorneys who service local and international clients from our offices in Johannesburg. We are a boutique construction law firm offering specialist legal advice, in relation to the various construction contracts as well as disputes that may arise in the construction, engineering and related fields. Our services include construction contract advice, dispute resolution, and construction-related litigation.

Being construction law specialists means we can offer our clients legal advice and assistance throughout the entire project lifecycle, making the entire process more cost-effective and efficient.

What makes us unique?

Our multifaceted team of attorneys have a wealth of experience across various areas of law stemming from their diverse legal backgrounds. 

The team consists of:

This all-encompassing experience allows us to assist clients “in-house“, as far as possible, in that we are able to assist our clients with everything from the drafting of their contracts through to any dispute resolution or litigation processes. This full-service offering ultimately saves our clients time and money.